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Best Outdoor Furniture for Seniors

Summer is coming and many people are looking forward to preparing their outdoor space. There are several things that need to be considered especially if you’re planning for seniors. One of the most important of course being the selection of furniture. Understanding the needs of everyone using the space is critical for both safety and comfort.

There are many different items that you may want to include in your space of which some are better for seniors than others. If you are planning on buying patio furniture for your backyard or cottage and don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll take a look at what you need to consider and what to avoid. Plus, we’ll highlight the best furniture for seniors.  

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Furniture

  1. Tables with legs that are stable, durable and strong. They need to withstand weight on one end without toppling over.
  2. Include chairs that are strong, sturdy and comfortable. That can handle weight even on one side. They should have a straight back, arm rests, and preferably have a higher seat.
  3. High quality fabric that can withstand heavy use and spills. Wood, metals, and durable plastic are good choices.

What to Avoid

  1. Stay away from fold away furniture. These are usually lightweight and therefore can fall over easily. Seniors with limited mobility use chairs and tables as support to help them move, especially getting in and out of chairs.
  2. Avoid stools altogether. The risk of falling is incredibly high even if there is a table close by to hold for support.
  3. Do not purchase recliners or chairs that go back. This is not only difficult to get out of, but it can cause dizziness and vertigo.
  4. Avoid cushions. These can be dangerous as they are easily moveable.

Key Considerations for Chairs and Tables

Chairs for Seniors

When you are planning your outdoor patio, you will want to include sturdy chairs. The best patio chairs for seniors are those that have a straight back and arm rests that fit onto the backrest. Ideally the seat itself should be higher. They need to be comfortable to use and easy to get in and out of. They should be strong enough that they can hold the weight of a person if they are standing and leaning on one side. They should be easy to keep clean. In most cases cushions should be avoided as they can make it more difficult to get in as the person is not able to slide their buttocks to the seat. However, if you do have fabric or cushioning it should be tightly kept in place (i.e., Velcro or snaps).

Tables for Seniors

Just as a proper chair is important for seniors so too is the type of table that you purchase. Ideally you want a table that is extremely sturdy. Keep in mind that seniors use the edges and sides of the table to assist them when getting up from a chair. That means that a lot of weight will be placed on the table’s edge. Therefore, you need to ensure that with this weight the table will not fall over or lift from the other side causing the elderly person to fall. Some patio sets will include a bench for sitting, which means that the table will be the main support aid to help them get up. The table height can vary, and in some instances a taller table may be better suited for a senior. Make sure to explore all your options.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to planning an outdoor space, it is important that you understand the needs of seniors. The best outdoor furniture is strong and durable. It should be well made and easy to care for. Most importantly the elderly person should feel safe to place their full weight on the edge of a table or the armrest of the chair. Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor space will make it enjoyable for everyone.

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